9 Free Facebook Analytic Tools to Unlock Your Own Secret Sauce for Increased Engagement

It’s easy to learn more about your audience and boost engagement on Facebook if you have the right tools. With these 9 free Facebook tools, you won’t even have to open your wallet to get some great insights. (Plus, there’s two bonus tools at the end of this list!)

Free Facebook Analytic Tools

As with just about anything, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. It all depends on your goals. In this list you’ll find tools to help you take a deeper look at your audience, see which posts are getting the most traction, compare your page to others in your field, get specific recommendations for improvements, and more.

If you ever asked yourself: Am I posting frequently enough? Is my engagement rate on par with other similar pages? What time are my Facebook fans online? Who’s engaging with my posts? What kinds of things should I post on Facebook? Wonder no more.

Check out these free Facebook analytic tools:


1. LikeAlyzer

This is a handy free tool can help you see if you are on par with other pages for key areas such as posting frequency and engagement rate. It will analyze your public Facebook page and give you specific recommendations as to how you can improve.

You can also plug in Facebook page urls for other organizations in your field to see what they’re doing right so you can learn from them.

Likealyzer Facebook analytic tool


2. Edgerank Checker

Use this tool to quickly see your likes, comments, and post impressions during the previous week. They also have a heatmap feature to see exactly what days and times your Facebook fans are online.

Upgrade to pro starting at $90/month to get advanced insights such as recommendations of which keywords to use to increase engagement, the optimal post frequency for your page, a comparison of your page to industry averages, and see your most successful photos.

Edgerank checker Facebook analytic tool


3. SocialExpress

This tool will help you generate reports on your Facebook stats that will look way cooler than anything you could put together with a spreadsheet. And if you’ve already put a ton of information into spreadsheets, just upload them into their system.

Create charts and visuals to show your engagement rate, number of fans, organic and paid reach, viral reach, and more. Drag and drop visual elements and screenshots of your Facebook posts directly into the report.

SocialExpress Facebook analytic tool


4. Komfo

Komfo has a simple free tool to help you analyze your posts. Quickly see how your page compares to the average interaction rate on Facebook.

See stats from the last 30 days on fan penetration, viral amplification, CTR, spam score, stories, and reach. Sort by any of these metrics to see your most and least popular posts. You can also email the report to anyone you’d like.

This is a free tool they offer, and they also have a whole suite of social media tools to explore.

Komfo Facebook analytic tool


5. Agora Pulse

This Facebook Page Barometer helps you see how your page compares to the average page activity across Facebook. See stats for the percentage of fans reached, engagement, negative feedback, and more.

Upgrade to their paid plans starting at $29/month to access advanced features such as publishing, reporting, ad monitoring, and competitor comparison. You’ll also be able to connect your Twitter and Instagram profiles to manage all three profiles in one place.

Agora Pulsa Facebook analytic tool


6. SimplyMeasured

Use this tool for free reports on your Facebook fans and post performance including analysis on insights, competitors, content, and page performance.

They also have several other free reports for other social media channels. Monthly subscriptions for premium reports start at $500.

Their newsletter has a lot of useful tips and guides and is worth subscribing to even if you don’t use their services.

SimplyMeasured Facebook analyic tool


7. Cyfe

This dashboard will help you visualize a TON of information about your Facebook fans and what you’ve posted. See trends in clicks, likes, check-ins, reach, overall performance, and more.

Dig a little deeper and see your reach and check-ins alongside with demographic information so you know exactly who is seeing your posts and interacting with you.

No need to stop with Facebook – this tool will help you track information from many profiles all in one place. Cyfe gives you a limited number of “widgets” on their dashboard for free, or upgrade for $19/month for unlimited data.

Cyfe Facebook analytic tool


8. Dasheroo

This is another dashboard to help you see all your important stats in one place. This tool has many in-depth analytics displayed in an intuitive way. Learn about your post consumption by type, organic vs paid reach, posts with the highest engagement, and more.

You can also compare your page to your competitors for a bit of context. Set up alerts when your stats hit a certain threshold, and export the dashboard to use it in other place.

You don’t have to only monitor your Facebook analytics – use this tool to see insights for many profiles in one place. They offer a free plan with 12 data insights, 4 dashboards, and a 30 day data window. Premium plans start at $19/month.

Dasheroo Facebook analytic tool


9. Facebook Insights

Don’t forget that you can get tons of great information (also for free!) from Facebook itself.

Get insights for likes, reach, page views, video, demographic information, and actions people took on your page. Some of this information only seems to be available via Facebook Insights vs third party tools, so be sure to check out your stats here from time to time even if you prefer another tool.

Facebook Insights



Bonus free tools for Facebook:

Yay! More free stuff! 😀


Facebook Timeline Contest Tool by Agora Pulse

Facebook contests are a great way to engage your followers. Fortunately, Agora Pulse created a free tool to do most of the work for you. Whether you’re doing a sweepstakes, quiz, or photo contest, this tool will make it easy to run your contests on Facebook.

Facebook timeline contest tool


It can be hard to know what kind of content your audience will like, and we don’t often always have time to scour through Facebook pages, blogs, and RSS feeds to find things to post. That’s where this awesome free tool comes in.

Choose pages that post things similar to you and ShareGrab will search those pages to find the most successful posts. The great thing is, this content has already been tested with an audience similar to yours, so you’ll likely see a higher engagement rate with these posts.

Facebook content grab tool