The Best Cross-Platform Analytic Tools to Monitor Your Web Presence (for Any Budget)

You won’t know if your online marketing efforts are successful unless you measure them. Compiling data by hand into spreadsheets or switching back and forth between platforms to try to get a complete picture of your online presence is not always a good use of your time. When you’re ready to step up your game, you’ll want to graduate to a cross-platform analytic tools to monitor everything in one place.

STOP wasting time measuring your social media stats.

START spending more time on strategy to grow your online presence.


These cross-platform analytic tools can help. They will monitor how you’re doing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Google Analytics, MailChimp, and more. Some will even create reports for you.

There are three types of cross-platform analytic tools:

Scheduling tools with built-in analytics can be a great option to provide everything you need in one place. You won’t have to switch back and forth between pages when you’re deciding what to post. These tools are a great way to help you put what you’ve learned from analytics into practice. Before you fill up your queue, glance at your analytics to see what’s been popular (or not so popular) and adjust your messages or links you post accordingly.

Advanced tools may not offer an all-in-one scheduling and analytic package, but they can provide a more in-depth analysis and additional features to help you dig a little deeper.

KPI (key performance indicator) dashboards offer even more advanced reporting because they can pull information from other sources like email, ads, webinars, CRMs, and more. These tools give you the ability to measure how your online marketing efforts are helping you reach tangible goals. Even though these are advanced tools, many of them have affordable price points for nonprofits and small businesses.

Let’s dig in and find a tool for you!


Social media scheduling tools with analytics

Find an all-in-one scheduling and analytic tool that works for you.


Hootsuite analytic tool











Cool features:

This dashboard, used and loved by many, can help you schedule posts, monitor analytics, and see what people are saying about you online  at a glance. It’s completely customizable so you can see all the information that’s relevant to you right away when you sign in. You can also integrate RSS feeds so you can find content, schedule it, and monitor your results all in one place.

With the Pro version, you’ll have access to their extensive app library so you can integrate all your favorite tools into one fancy shmancy dashboard.

Analytics available for:

Facebook, Google+, Google Analytics, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, WordPress


Hootsuite has a free option that allows you to create up to two active reports at a time, with a limited number of reporting options.

If you subscribe to Hootsuite Pro ($9.99/month), you’ll get access to more reports and 50 points you can use toward creating them. Additional reports cost 5-30 points each, depending on the type.



Buffer analytic tool











Cool features:

This streamlined tool is one of my favorites. I love the clean interface and how everything is so intuitive. The built-in analytics will help you see at a glance which of your posts are the most and least popular. This kind of information is critical to help you post more of what you audience wants – and less of what they don’t.

Analytics available for:

Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter


Buffer’s free plan allows you to see basic analytics: number of retweets/shares, likes, mentions, clicks, and potential reach.

Their Awesome plan ($10/month) gives your more features within the scheduling system and also allows you to sort your most popular and least popular posts.

For more advanced analytics, you’ll have to sign up for their Buffer for Business plan, starting at $50/month.



SproutSocial analytic tool











Cool features:

Not only does Sproutsocial monitor basic social media stats, it also includes an engagement report, team report, Twitter comparison, Twitter listening, and more. They also have reporting tools and summary emails so you can see the stats that are important to you at a glance, or even in your inbox.

Analytics available for:

Facebook, Instagram, Google Analytics, Twitter


Plans start at $59 per user/month. While they do offer a free trial, they do not have a free version of their services.


Advanced tools to track your online performance

These third-party tools offer advanced reporting to measure key metrics for your online presence.


Social Report Analytic Tool











Cool features:

This tool started out as a social media analytic tool, and now offers publishing features in some of their plans. They offer reports, social keyword searching, and a ROI calculator. They also have a social automation feature so you can follow or unfollow users, like or favorite posts, and more based on the parameters you set.

Platforms supported by SocialReport:

Blogger, Ebay, Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, WordPress, YouTube


Packages start at $19/month, which includes up to 5 social profiles plus web analytics. While they do offer a 30-day free trial, they do not have a free version.

If you want to be able to publish and schedule posts, you can unlock this feature in their standard plan for $49/month.



SumAll Analytic Tool











Cool features:

SumAll of course measures the basics of engagement, follower growth, pageviews, and more. They also do post analysis to help you figure out what’s working and what isn’t. Their Insights tool helps you find ideal posting days and times, hashtags, format, content types, engaging keywords, and more that will supercharge your social media strategy.

Platforms supported by SumAll:

Facebook, Instagram, Google Analytics, Twitter


Their free basic account includes an interactive social media dashboard, email digests, performance and thank you tweets, and unlimited social media profiles.

Upgrade to their premium plan for $99/month to get weekly and monthly social media reports, weekly actionable insights, early access to new products, and priority support.



SimplyMeasured Analytic Tool











Cool features:

SimplyMeasured helps you zone in on data you can take action on right away. While their premium subscription is pretty pricey, they have many free reports that will help you get a grasp on your followers, content, and competitors so you can improve your strategy. Their newsletter also has a lot of useful tips and guides and is worth subscribing to even if you don’t use their services.

Platforms supported by SimplyMeasured:

Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, Vine, YouTube


SimplyMeasured offers many free reports for Twitter followers, Instagram users, Facebook pages and insights, Facebook competitive analysis, Facebook content, Google+, Vine, Twitter customer service, social traffic, and traffic source analysis.

Monthly subscriptions for advanced reports start at $500.



Socialbakers analytic tool











Cool features:

This tool is especially useful if you’re using Facebook and Twitter ads and if you want to keep a close eye on your competition. Use this tool to quickly see your paid vs organic performance and create scheduled reports.

Platforms supported by Socialbakers:

Facebook, Facebook Ads, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, VK


They offer free tools that help you analyze your Instagram feed, keep track of contest entries on Facebook, and find shareable content to post to Facebook.

If you want access to their robust analysis and reporting, their plans start at $120/month.



Quintly analytic tool











Cool features:

Quintly is one of the few tools on this list that supports Pinterest and YouTube reporting, so this definitely gives it an edge over some of the other tools. Use their benchmarking tool to track key metrics and compare your performance with other pages and profiles.

Their smart reporting feature automatically updates your reports when you change your custom dashboard. You can also track key influencers so you can engage with them in meaningful ways. These are just a few of the advanced features Quintly offers!

Platforms supported by Quintly:

Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, RSS, Twitter, YouTube


Plans start at $129/month for 5 profiles, 2 dashboards and 1 user. While they do offer a free trial, they do not have a free version of their platform.


KPI Dashboards

See your KPIs (key performance indicators) at a glance. Use these tools to track progress toward your goals.


Cyfe analytic tool











Cool features:

This tool is really one of the best values out there. Their free plan is usually enough to get you started (and loving the tools!). They have pre-built widgets, data exports in a variety of file types, real-time analytics, and more. They also offer a “TV mode” so you can make your analytics presentation-ready with a click of a button.


Cyfe offers a free plan which allows you to set up a limited number of widgets. To upgrade to unlimited dashboards and widgets, their plan is $19/month.



Dasheroo analytic tool











Cool features:

With their free plan and templates, it’s easy to get started right away. One cool feature is insight mashups to help you see correlations between data from different sources. You can also download and print your dashboards to send to your team.


They offer a free plan with 12 data insights, 4 dashboards, and a 30 day data window. Premium plans start at $19/month.



Klipfolio analytic tool











Cool features:

Upload you own data with integrations like Google Sheets and Dropbox, manipulate formulas, and combine data formats to visualize information in a way that works for you and your team. You can also customize our vizualizations and add thresholds and indicators so you can quickly spot potential problem areas. Klipfolio has a lot of great options to help you customize and drill down on your data so you see insights that matter the most.


After a free trial, plans start at $24/month with 5 users, 10 dashboards, and 2.5k API calls/day. You’ll need to upgrade to the next tier to be able to download reports.



Geckoboard analytic tool











Cool features:

If you have some key information you want to track that’s stored in spreadsheets, you’ll be able to integrate it with all your other online data with this tool. You can also display dashboards with your own domain name, design it with custom CSS, restrict access based on IP address, and monitor your stats via their iPhone app.


Monthly subscriptions start at $49/month, which includes 2 dashboards. While they do offer a free 30-day trial, they do not have a free version of their platform.