How to use Google Analytics to discover audience interests

How to use Google Analytics to discover audience interests

One of the keys to writing effective content is to first know what your audience wants. They’re telling you what they want to hear by the actions they take on your website, blog, and enewsletter. Are you listening? In this article I will walk you through some specific places in Google Analytics to find out […]

How I increased enewsletter susbcribers 56% in 9 months.

Email list building strategies: How I increased my signup rate 1,282%

Not all email list building strategies are created equal, and I found that out the hard way. For too long I had relied on strategies that just didn’t produce results. After a bit of experimentation, I was able to go from an average of 12 new subscribers per month to consistently adding 200+ subscribers per […]

Email Segmentation in MailChimp: A Step-by-Step Guide to Help Boost Open Rates

We’re all looking for ways to increase email open rates. By far, the most effective strategy I’ve found is email segmentation. Doing things like experimenting with subject lines, A/B testing, and finding the optimal day/time to send your newsletter are all great ways to help you increase open rates. But if you’re looking for results, […]

Beaker and test tubes filled with blue liquid

A social media company didn’t publish new content for 30 days. Here’s what we can learn from their experiment.

Let’s face it – there’s enormous pressure to constantly add new content. The good news is you don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time you want to publish something new. Don’t feel like you can take a break from posting new content? Even the though it can be kind of scary, the only way […]

When website visitors don’t enter through the homepage: Why it’s a problem and what to do about it

Imagine you open a new book and the intro chapter is buried in the middle. You would be a little confused, wouldn’t you? When new people come to your website, they need to start at the beginning – learning who you are and what you do. Then they can start learning about the details of […]

How to make your images SEO-friendly

If you’ve ever done any cooking or baking, you know that timing and temperature can make a big difference in the success of your dish. Sometimes you can wing it and it will turn out just fine, but other times the wrong temperature or cooking time could result in a ruined dish. That’s a lot […]

Why your headlines are too revealing

News flash: Print and digital are not created equal. In print, once people have a magazine or newspaper in hand, their attention is concentrated on that publication. When you’re writing headlines for print, often the goal is to give the reader the most information possible. Online there are many distractions, and it’s important not to […]

Don’t miss this opportunity to get your message across

What??? Baby goats?! What do baby goats have to do with getting your message across? Not much (though they sure are cute). But your eye was drawn to the photo and the caption, wasn’t it? Captions are often overlooked in web articles, but they’re a great opportunity to get your message across. People may not […]

Why your website needs headings

When you sit down at a new restaurant and open the menu, what do you look for? Maybe you want some appetizers to share, a list of local beers, or vegetarian entrees. Chances are you’ll use the headings to find what you want. Your website visitors use headings on your page as well to skim […]

From one to many: How social proof can help your cause

When I have a day out running errands, sometimes it feels like people are following me. Not in the creepy sense. But I’ll go into a store that’s almost empty, and a few minutes later it’s full of people. This happens again and again. It turns out, I’m not imagining things. There is actual science […]